The original conception of the financing agreement of 2004

The Financing Agreement (FA) of the DPRPR was signed on 9th February 2004, with an overall programme duration of 4 years and a total EU contribution of 32 M€. The end of the implementation phase was finalised on 31st December 2008, whilst the end of the execution phase was planned to be terminated on 31st December 2010.


The content of Article 5 of the FA states that “contracts and programme-estimates implementing the financing agreement shall be signed by 16 December 2006 at the latest”, it should be noted that this date represented the N+3 deadline.


Despite the fact that the overall and specific objectives are somehow different between the FA and its related logical framework, they can be summarised as follows:


The overall objective of the PDRPR was to reduce poverty in 11 Districts and towns in South-eastern Rwanda. This objective was achieved through providing support to activities, which would assist local populations in participating fully in the decision-making process with the local administration within the framework of the decentralisation process implemented by the Rwandan government.


The specific objective was to increase “the profitability, scale and market orientation of the rural economy, through technology transfer and public works”, in order to operate long-term employment for the poor and to build up local solidarity.