Rusizi – LODA, Imbuto Foundation conduct training of trainers on Home Based ECD service delivery

From Monday 26th April 2021, LODA and Imbuto Foundation in collaboration with 12 Districts have resumed a one-week training of trainers onIntegrated Early Childhood Development (ECD) service deliveryat Home Based ECD centers associated to VUP Expanded Public Works (ePW). This training is being concurrently delivered at Rusizi (Rusizi site) Nyaruguru, Gisagara (Huye site), Bugesera, Muhanga, Rulindo (Kigali site), Kamonyi, Karongi, Huye (Muhanga site), Rutsiro (Musanze site), Gakenke and Musanze (Rubavu site). Expected to last five days until 30th April 2021, the training is designed for District Directors of Social Development Unit, Sector Social Affairs Officers, Sector Education Officers and ECD Sector Supervisors.  It aims at instilling into trainees basic knowledge on child’s physical development (psycho-motor development), cognitive development and socio-emotional development.

VUP home based ECDs were conceived in order to preserve fundamental rights (being well raised) of children whose parents are beneficiaries of ePW, who are generally identified amongst the poorest households classified into Ubudehe Category One. This initiative came in to contribute to curbing the prevailing stunting issue amongst children under 5 years, which is rated at 33% as per the latest Demographic and Health Survey (DHS 2019/2020)[1] published by National Institute of Statistics. According to the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1), the Government of Rwanda committed to reduce stunting to 19% by 2024.

The ongoing training pivots around ECD services with focus on education, health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, and child protection. According to Mr. HITIMANA Ildephonse, the lead trainer at Rusizi site who holds the position of ECD & Family Community Mobilizer at Imbuto Foundation, “This training is aimed at building the capacity of trainers on ECD in terms of knowledge transmission and supervision in four Sectors of Rusizi District, namely Butare, Bweyeye, Muganza and Nkombo. […] Participants to this training will in turn train 448 Caregivers and 36 Cell Supervisors in charge of 64 home based ECD centers to be established in Rusizi District. This training shall enable participants to efficiently and effectively deliver the above mentioned training of caregivers. Furthermore, trainees are expected to well grasp the training package and transmit it to both caregivers and parents so as to appropriately take care of children at both ECD centers and their homes in a sustainable perspective”.

Participants to the training have welcomed the Home Based ECD initiative and proved commitment to make it successful. Mrs. UWIZEYIMANA Devota was selected as an ECD Sector Supervisor in Muganza Sector. She expressed her acknowledgement to LODA and Imbuto Foundation for this noble activity which came to enlighten them on early childhood development concept and prevention of stunting. “As a mother, I have known from this training that a child might face stunting right from the conception phase, and how to avoid it. I have understood the paramount importance of ECD services namelyeducation, health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, and child protection. These services normally lead to physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development of a child. As trainer and mostly as Sector Supervisor, I am ready to thoroughly explain the acquired training package to my fellow caregivers”. 

Mr. SINAYOBYE Egide is also an ECD Sector Supervisor from Nkombo. “From this training I have known what ECD services are. I have understood why it is important to take care of a child right from conception, during pregnancy, infancy, toddlerhood and pre-school phases. This shall enable me support my fellow countrymen in providing due care to their children, and especially in fighting against stunting”, he said.

This training is part of execution of the partnership contract signed between LODA and Imbuto Foundation on 25th November 2019 with the aim to provide technical support to VUP ePW Home Based ECDs. As per the partnership contract, the initiated capacity building phase (from November 2019 to June 2021) is expected to cover 5000 Home Based ECDs in 150 administrative Sectors across the 30 Districts of Rwanda where VUP ePW are executed. At Rusizi site 12 participants out of 13 have attended the training, and they are expected to in turn train ECD Cell Supervisors and Caregivers from 10th May 2021.