RLDSF to scrutinize the compliance of 2013/2014 Local government projects

Kigali, 28/03/2013

In the framework of planning and budgeting for the year 2013/2014, the RLDSF organized a one day consultation meeting to assess quality assurance of local government projects. The meeting was aimed at helping each technical ministry concerned with local development to highlight its priorities and check the compliance of districts projects with sectoral policies. The ultimate goal is to ensure that districts have integrated the national priorities and put into consideration RLDSF orientations in their planning and budgeting process.

The meeting brought together  representatives from technical ministries concerned by local development such as MINAGRI, MINIRENA, MININFRA, MINICOM, MINISANTE  and other specialized agencies such as RTDA, REMA.

Participants appreciated the planning process initiated by RLDSF, and underscored the need for more organized budget consultations at the level of Districts and provinces for technical ministries participation. They recommended those meetings to be coordinated by the RLDSF which shall see to it that all technical ministries are invited and participate in district consultation meetings.

For due integration of the different technical ministries  and agencies concerns , participants committed themselves to provide within one week a list of issues arising from the districts projects proposal to be integrated into the budget framework  for final approval and submission to the Ministry of finance and economic  planning.