LODA meets the press to strategize for effective community sensitization on VUP

Kigali – Today on the 27th October 2021 at Lemigo Hotel there was held a one-day workshop to the attention of media professionals on social protection interventions managed by the Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA). Organized in close collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC), this workshop is part of a three-month campaign on social protection interventions managed by LODA, especially VUP.

In her address to participants, Hon. NYIRARUKUNDO Ignatienne, State Minister in charge of Social Affairs, lauded the media’s role in exposing citizens’ views and concerns on the implementation of social protection programmes. She pointed out the underlying challenge related to the beneficiary mind-set of adamantly willing to remain under VUP safety nets and other livelihoods programmes, while they are rather expected to play a role towards graduation out of poverty and self-reliance. “We have now made a 20-year journey in undertaking anti-poverty programmes, and we believe every concerned citizen has at least benefited from some support (by both Government and partners).  We wish to overcome all encountered barriers so that all Rwandans become sustainably self-reliant by 2024”, she added on.

Speaking to the press, the Director General of LODA, Mrs. NYINAWAGAGA Claudine also stressed the paramount role of media in informing and educating citizens on social protection programmes. “You are key stakeholders in Rwanda’s journey of social transformation towards the “Rwanda We Want” as envisaged by the NTS1 (7 Year Government Programme) to eradicate extreme poverty by 2024. It is our mandate but also your social responsibility to make citizens play their card in breaking up the trans-generational poverty cycle”, she said.

Under the slogan “DUKATAZE MU ITERAMBERE NTAWE USIGAYE INYUMA” (Leave None Behind in Socio-Economic Development Initiatives), the launched anti-poverty campaign is expected to last three months. The campaign objectives are threefold: (a) sensitize social protection programme beneficiaries (especially VUP) to play a pivotal role in the journey towards graduation and self-reliance; (b) raise awareness of social protection and livelihoods delivery to enhance their informed advocacy and follow up of service delivery; and (c) increase stakeholders’ knowledge of roles and responsibilities of different actors involved in social protection in general and the role of Para Social Workers in the graduation agenda in particular. This campaign is going to be marked by community outreach programmes, community assemblies (Inteko z’Abaturage), and radio talk shows to name but a few so as to offer opportunity to social protection policy implementers and stakeholders interact with beneficiaries in a sensitization and advocacy perspective.