LODA, City of Kigali gather to reflect on more Fundraising Opportunities for Social Protection Interventions

Today on the 2nd July 2020 there was held a one day workshop gathering the leadership of LODA and the City of Kigali to reflect on more fundraising opportunities in social protection interventions. Participants to this workshop include the Mayor of the City of Kigali (CoK), the Deputy Mayors of  CoK, District Executive Administrators, Deputy District Executive Administrators, Division Managers, Sector Executive Secretaries, Members of the Executive Committee, Director Generals and Directors of Social Development Units.

Facilitated by Mr. RUBINGISA Pudence, the Mayor of the CoK and Mrs. NYINAWAGAGA Claudine, the Director General of LODA, who respectively welcomed participants and gave objectives of the workshop and presented a brief overview on LODA mandate and existing opportunities in the perspective of social protection interventions.

In his turn, Mr. GATSINZI Justine, Division Manager of Social Protection at LODA, made an explanatory presentation on Social Protection programmes under the auspices of LODA (VUP Safety nets, Livelihoods Schemes & Ubudehe) with focus on underlying implementation challenges.

In his opening remarks, Mr RUBINGISA Pudence, the Mayor of the CoK, stressed that “We ought to implement Social protection programmes considering the specific needs of citizens in the urban context of the CoK. It is a journey that should be made with high speed to help citizens upgrade their living conditions”.

Addressing participants, Mrs. NYINAWAGAGA emphasized that “Taking into account the specificity of Kigali City, we should take advantage from philanthropies like industries, commercial banks, NGOs, etc. to upgrade the life conditions of citizens with focus on vulnerable households in the spirit of social transformation towards Vision 2050”.

Throughout discussions, most speakers focused on the urban setting uniqueness of the CoK. Both LODA and CoK authorities agreed to hold continuous dialogues on how VUP safety nets and livelihoods schemes can accommodate other services other than road maintenance  and terrace building (like cleaning) which can suit the specificities of urban area inhabitants.

The CoK made a commitment to conduct an inspection on completed, ongoing and forth-planned projects to solve out challenges associated with social and environmental risks of VUP classic public works, as well as  infrastructure projects in the CoK (such as those which occurred in Jali & Jabana Sectors).

There was expressed the need to organize further sessions to discuss on eligibility criteria for VUP components which can fit the specificities of each District/Sector, with consideration of the youth and women, particularly informal vendors across urban corners of the CoK. It was equally pointed out that there should be introduced a contract signing practice between  different social protection scheme beneficiaries and local authorities vis-à-vis support awarding and graduation, with accompanying measures including skills development to the attention of beneficiaries. In the latter case, the existing gap shall be addressed by the advent of para-social workers, according to LODA.

The workshop culminated into a number of conclusions and actionable recommendations attached hereto.