The Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA) mission is to contribute to the capacity building of the population and decentralized entities by outsourcing funding to finance the socio-economic development of decentralized entities and reduction of extreme poverty in Rwanda. This mission is subdivided into the following 11 key points:

  1. to finance development activities in local administrative entities with legal personality;
  2. to serve as an intermediary between local administrative entities with legal personality and donors especially those involved in financing development activities in those entities;
  3. to put in place mechanisms of distributing financial support in local  administrative entities with legal personality;
  4. to monitor the use of funds allocated by LODA to development activities in the local administrative  entities with legal personality;
  5. to establish strategies for creation  of high intensive  labor  and  assistance  to  those unable to perform such jobs and who are approved by decentralized entities;
  6. to contribute to sensitizing population and building their capacities in analyzing and solving their problems;
  7. to contribute to  sensitizing population to participate in development activities meant for them;
  8. to contribute to sensitizing population on the culture of making savings and using the services   of banks   and   micro-finance institutions;
  9. to build capacities of local administrative entities   with legal personality within the scope of LODA mission;
  10. to coordinate Government’s development activities in   local administrative   entities with legal personality;
  11. to mobilize and collect funds.