Management organs of LODA

The Ministry of Local Government is the overall supervising authority of LODA. For day to day management of LODA, article 2 of the law n°41/2010 of 25/11/2010 specifies two (2) management organs which are the Board of Directors and the General Directorate.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the highest governing and the decision making organ of LODA. Its competence, responsibilities and the functioning and the mandate of the members of the board are determined by the cabinet decision. The board is made of seven members chaired by the chairman of the board.   

 General Directorate

Members of management positions and their respective responsibilities in the General Directorate are determined by the cabinet decision. By management positions we refer specifically to the Director General, the Deputy Director General in charge of Local Development Planning and Programs, the Deputy Director General in charge of Social Protection and the Deputy Director General in charge of Corporate Services.

Organization Chart

LODA is organized into four divisions, namely (1) the Local Development Planning and M&E Division, (2) the Social Protection Programs Division, (3)the Local Economic Division and (4) the Corporate services Division. For a detailed organizational structure, see attachment.

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